08 Oct

The problem of e waste and corporate electronic recycling seems to be bigger than we think. According to experts there are three approaches that can be adopted by manufacturers to assist corporate electronic recycling and reduce the risks of e-waste across the planet.

Product Take-Back

This is a very simple approach and experts say that manufacturers are in a position to take back the products from the consumers at a nominal price. This way whenever a product comes to the end of its useful life cycle the consumer may get in touch with the manufacturer to get rid of it safely and ethically.

Extending Product Lifetime

This is also a very useful approach that will help corporate electronic recycling. Extending the product life time is going to be very beneficial for the user and will slow down the production of e-waste worldwide.

Reducing Hazardous Content

The biggest problem of piling e waste is that all these obsolete items contain a certain level of harmful chemicals. Experts say that once the manufacturers are able to reduce the quantity of these chemicals and compounds in them, half of our problems will come to an end.

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