21 Jan

IT organizations are increasingly using electronic media for different purposes. Everything from outdated computers to hard drives contains sensitive business information. When these electronic media become obsolete are often placed in an empty room to collect dust. As a result, one puts confidential business information at risk of getting into the wrong hands. And that is where one needs the support of ITAD services. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of electronics in the most secure and environmentally friendly manner.

An ITAD service includes: 

  • Deinstallation of IT assets

  • Data destruction

  • Sanitization

  • Logistics

  • Asset refurbishment

  • Asset remarketing

  • Disposition and recycling

  • Reporting

  • Certification

With so many IT companies are out there, choosing the right ITAD vendor is essential. One needs to look for the company that has a reputed image and proper certifications to offer IT asset services. Certified ITAD services help you adhere to government protocols, meet business needs, and implement the right ITAD method to destroy the business data.


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