20 Nov

As someone who owns and runs a successful company you too must be looking to gain optimal returns not just from your investment but also from your IT waste products. IT waste is generated through a variety of sources and its disposal is essential for your organization.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD services) is the perfect example of a Circular Economy. When you think of repair and reuse, you think of these services. You need to understand that by associating with a reputed ITAD services firm you are not just disposing of your company’s obsolete and unusable technology in a highly compliant manner but also saving cost and ensuring better risk management.

Some examples of such hardware components that might be nearing their retirement age are your age old computers and smartphones and other IT equipment such as printers, hard drives and several data tapes. These when not properly wiped or destroyed can become a source of critical data leaks such as names and addresses, financial information and confidential business details that you never want to disclose to any third party under any circumstances. This is what opens up real risk for you, for your customers, employees and associates, shareholders and of course for your reputation.

Following are some compelling reasons to consider ITAD services:

Risks Increase Your Potential For Costs

You could be one of the many organizations that still have no formal IT asset disposition programs working for them. This could add to your losses before you even incur them. The hesitation to put a program in place stems from the belief that you won’t be able to access the equipment once it is broken or doesn’t function which is almost never the case. So, don’t delay in devising a program for the same.

Value Recovery From Your IT Equipment

You can go about value recovery and you will be surprised to know just how valuable IT equipment still is. Most of these components hold a lot of worth despite them not being able to meet an organization’s needs any longer.

Control Over Your IT Inventory

Disposing IT waste ensures that each component or equipment is accounted for and cleared before it is sent for recycling or reselling. This makes inventory management easier for record keeping purposes.