05 Mar

We as human beings have become very inconsiderate of the effect that our constant and insatiable demand for electronic devices has on the environment. Do you know that our constant need and unheeded consumption of electronic items is creating the fastest growing waste stream in the world? We are in desperate need of reliable electronic recycling services. The United Nations is calling it a “tsunami of e-waste”.

Electronic devices that are being made readily and easily available to consumers are just a part of the big problem. Without a doubt, the rise in the consumption of electronic devices is paving the way for a more digitally advanced and connected world. The rise in the manufacturing of electronic items is offering unprecedented opportunities for not just developed economies but growing countries as well. In a way, this progress is going to take us forward in our journey of realizing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But there is also a downside to it. It is a swiftly growing sector but in the wake of creating more electronics, we are also creating a huge stream of electronic waste.

Electronic Waste - Collateral Damage

We cannot consider electronic waste or the production of it across the globe as collateral damage of creating a digital world. Ensuring efficient corporate electronic recycling is important and a number of global agencies such as the International Telecommunication Union, International Labor Organization and the United Nations Environment Program have come together for the purpose. They are in the process of educating our generation about the serious implications of the rise in e-waste production. Working closely with electronic recycling service providers in your city is the only way to stop this threat.

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