01 Oct

Actually it is not at all difficult to understand the problem of e-waste or electronic recycling in the present scenario. There are a number of electronic recycling providers in your city that are working day and night to rid the planet of this problem. All they need is a bit of support and awareness from our side.

To be able to help them out in their mission to eradicate e-waste from the Earth we will have to first educate ourselves on what e-waste data destruction entails and how getting rid of it is going to help mankind as a whole.

Where Is The Global E-Waste Number?

If we look back a few years from now, the year 2014 was not very pleasing. According to a report published by the United Nations University, electronic waste was recorded at a whopping 41.8 million tons in that year which was enough to invite concerns about public health and resource conservation from the world over.

E-Waste Continues To Grow Rapidly

According to the findings by the same UNU report, the projected output of e waste for the year 2018 stands at 50 million metric tons. We as the users of these electronic appliances should take appropriate measures to help curb this problem. Do you know that 9.3 million metric tons of this waste produced comprises our computers and smartphones and other digital gadgets such as tablets and television sets? By being more aware of a purchase decisions, we can stop e-waste from harming our planet.

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