25 Jun

At a time like this when we are dealing with the evils of global warming and other ecological problems, the issue of electronic recycling just pushes us all over the edge. We never thought that technology would get us here and that finding the right national electronic recycling firm or a data destruction company would become so essential to our very existence.

We have the power to change the world and we did, for the worse! It is time to take a few steps back and think about our actions, particularly the ones that are causing the earth irreparable harm. Do you know that constantly piling e-waste and the problems that it poses are a big threat to our planet?

Air Pollution Due To E-Waste

By burning e-waste, we are destroying the very air we breathe and this is nothing like burning organic trash or dry grass and leaves. This is a very unsafe disposal method and also keeps us from getting our hands on valuable metals such as gold, silver and copper and the like. The problem with this method of e-waste disposal is that burning causes various reactions that release pollutants into the air. When our computer monitors and other electronics are burned, we are causing a lot of cancer-producing dioxins to get dissolved in the air and this is the same air we breathe. Alarming, isn’t it?

E-Waste And Water

Heavy metals present in e-waste pose very serious problems. These are lead, barium, mercury and lithium and when we destroy our mobile phones and computer batteries without seeking assistance from a data destruction professional, we are causing these substances to leak into our soil and eventually our groundwater. This groundwater then streams into our ponds, lakes, and rivers and harms our aquatic creatures and reaches us eventually.  

E-Waste And Water

By not getting associated with a reputable electronic recycling provider, we are paving a path to our own destruction and letting heavy metals and toxins find their way to our soil and our food crops as well. This causes many serious diseases and illnesses and also restricts use of viable farmland for clean food production. This is how e-waste is destroying us!

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